Feb 18 2009

Stuff for Starving Artists

At SfSS, we know that starving artists are an important subspecies of starving students. That’s why I’ve hand-picked five useful resources for all you tormented, creative types out there.

First, the Louvre! Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to Paris to visit. The Louvre’s website provides images of the museum’s artwork, plenty of corresponding information, and–joy of all joys–a totally badass virtual tour. You can wander through the wings of the Louvre, clicking on any painting for a closer view and description. You can even save your favorite works in custom albums, using their ‘my personal space‘ feature. Want to be the next Van Gogh? Nothing’s stopping you now!

If you’re a musician, I’m about to make you very happy. No, I haven’t just kicked Paul McCartney in the balls, but I think you’ll like this too. Chordie is a website dedicated to providing guitar, banjo, ukelele, and mandolin chord progressions for pretty much every song you can think of. And, because it’s just made of awesome, it will transpose these songs into any key you want! Imagine the possibilities.

But what about writers? Try Duotrope! I know it sounds like a sleazy, non-FDA approved drug, but I promise it won’t give you cancer. Duotrope’s Digest is the largest database of literary journals on the web. If you’re looking to get published, this is a fantastic resource for finding journals to submit to. You can search by genre, length, payscale, and a whole host of other attributes. Do you write experimental post-apocalyptic short fiction about mice and root beer floats? There’s a journal for that. Well, probably.

Maybe you write something that can’t be published in a traditional way, like screenplays. While certainly not the most attractive website, the Internet Movie Script Database has screenplays available for most movies, word-for-word. Recent additions include “Slumdog Millionaire“, “Revolutionary Road“, and (unfortunately) “Twilight“. If you want to write like the Coen Brothers, the best way to start is by studying their work. IMSDb makes that easy.

Hey graphic artists, you didn’t think I forgot about you, right? Check out Vecteezy for free creative commons vector art. You can search by category, file type, or license, and there are even sections for flash animation, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator brushes, and all kinds of nifty icons. Web designers, I’m looking at you too. Think how shiny your sites will be now that you’ve got this resource at your fingertips. People will follow you around, in awe of your design skills. Small children, cuddly animals, and generous millionaires will flock to you.

So go create art, you beautiful people!

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