Jun 03 2009

Nicktoon Nostalgia

Now that school is out for most of college students the malaise of summer has begun to set in. I’m sure you are doing many productive things on Facebook and YouTube but, if you can spare a moment for a distraction I am sure you will be glad you did.

One look at Facebook and you can find many groups dedicated to love of all things 90s, including cartoons. If you spent much of the 90s like I did in front of TV and had the luxury of cable you probably spent hours watching Nickelodeon. How many obscenely long conversations have you had with friends about the merit of 90s Nicktoons versus the “garbage” they put on the air now? Do you wish you had the foresight to have taped your favorite episodes on VHS?

Then The Orange Splat is just the website you have been dreaming about for years (well maybe that is just me). The site is by no means extensive in its breadth of coverage but, it provides access to episodes that otherwise could not be found without extensively searching the intarwebs. The site is easy enough to navigate (even though it is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing) and has hours of childhood memories waiting to relived. Best of all it is free to watch all of the episodes and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

So this stuff post may not help you out in school but, go ahead and enjoy the summer (or take a break during summer classes) and indulge your inner 90s child. Sing your favorite The Beets song, (Killer Tofu?). Go around telling people “How dare you!” ala the large woman in Rocko’s Modern Life. Or ponder the great mystery of why Helga incessantly says Arnold’s name in the opening credits and even stranger why Arnold never responds.

Keep on veggin’ you starving students.

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