Jul 02 2009

It Is Like Progressive, Except For Books!

Have you ever seen those Progressive insurance commercials where they tell you how they let you compare rates with other insurance companies so you know you are getting the best deal?

Well, BookFinder is a tool that allows you to crawl the web and compare prices on books, including textbooks. If you don’t already shop for your textbooks online you should. I very rarely go to the school’s bookstore because I can often find the books I need much cheaper on Amazon, even when the cost of shipping is included. Last semester I did a little cost analysis and realized I saved an astounding 50% by going through online sellers. BookFinder is a simple little tool that helps you find the best price for whatever textbook you need. So quit spending so much money on textbooks and use this search engine. Also, make sure you share the savings love with your fellow starving student friends.

Riverby Bookstore

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