Jun 16 2010

Get Some Chrome For Your Internet Ride

Google Chrome RideA long long time ago, in a blog post far far away we discussed the virtues of the Firefox browsing experience. We still stand by Firefox as a great browser (especially when put up against something like Internet Explorer) but recently Firefox has come against some good competition from Google Chrome. Chrome is fairly similar to Firefox in terms of features it provides. It has add-ons for extending the capabilities of your browser and while it may not have as many as Firefox, the library of add-ons is growing at an increasing rate and many of the popular ones can easily be found. Right now Chrome’s claim to fame (besides looking pretty slick) is that it is fast and from my intensive research (read: me using Chrome) I have found that it does move quicker than Firefox for most things. YouTube seems to load faster but, of course Google does own YouTube so who knows what crazy tricks they can pull.

For some people what browser they are using doesn’t matter much but, if you are open to the possibility that there may be something better out there then Google Chrome may be your answer. Test it, try it, love it (?) and let us know about your experience if you give Google Chrome a go!

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4 Responses to “Get Some Chrome For Your Internet Ride”

  1. billon 16 Jun 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Sure, so long as you don’t mind the data hoarder getting more info about you. Me, I’ll stick with Firefox.

  2. Neo-Revon 16 Jun 2010 at 5:23 pm

    I was going to mention that in my post as per my usual Google paranoia. But since Google already owns so much of my life at this point what is another piece? 😉

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