Sep 27 2010

Simply Noise

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Dorm life will eventually force you into uncomfortably loud situations that just might make your head split open. Imagine with me! It’s a Thursday night, and the Thirsty Thursday parties perhaps have already begun. Oh but wait, you have a paper due tomorrow and can’t seem to focus at all. Maybe, you have a roommate who has an intense case of sleep apnea, and the pleasant sounds of loud snoring just doesn’t seem to lull you to sleep. Whatever the case, the solution is simple: you need to block that out! However, for some of us listening to music is just as distracting as the loud party-er or the snoring. So, let me offer you an alternative that has been suggested by one university faculty member (who maybe deals with loud parties in neighboring offices?). Simply Noise provides free sound files of different colored noises (white, pink and brown) which can not only help you block out distractions but also allow you to relax from some of that overwhelming stress.

I did in fact do extremely scientific experiments by finding prime examples of the above annoyances while listening to the simply noise files. See Thirsty Thursday and Snoring. Needless to say Simply Noise was super effective! : D

As a final note: Simply Noise does offer a cheap app so you can make their product a little mobile. It might not be worth the 99 cents, but you can always just have your laptop by your bed with some headphones…Meditate, Sleep, Study whatever you got to do let simply noise cancel out the distractions.

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