Oct 15 2010

Anki Flash!

Slang flash cards (i want!)

I’ve always noticed students taking science or language classes running around campus with a stack of cards in front of their faces. Flash cards are awesome for studying terms, but when you are broke buying cards is just not an option. Sure, you could spend that few dollars, just use some notebook paper, or even still your roommate’s printer paper, yet wouldn’t it be better just to skip the whole process and move away from paper and ink? Let’s not forget that after a while the cards that you write get to such a high volume that you can easily get overwhelmed and no rubber band is strong enough to contain your flash card might. So let me tell you what I use to get around all that.

I’ve been using a sweet free tool called Anki. Anki is an easy to use flash card program that tracks your progress and times when you need to look at cards given how well you remember them. The snazzy buzz word for this process is called “space repetition flash card program.” I used it while studying Chinese in Harbin. The program comes with some great features including easy to make cards, reminders to study, progression tracker, and oh wait…it is open source and shareable. From plug-ins to other people’s uploaded decks.

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