Oct 15 2010

I <3 Free Tools

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computer_crash_again Over the summer my computer appeared to be infected with a virus. So I decided to wipe my computer and do a clean install of my Windows XP OS. After re-installing I realized that I had a long list of free and useful software applications that I had accumulated over the four years of owning my laptop. As I went back through re-installing all my lost programs I thought I’d keep a list and share with you some of the applications I thought were worth re-installing.  So here is a list and a brief description of those various applications.

The First Section is those applications we haven’t blogged about (yet):

Evernote – Their motto is “Remember Everything” and they certainly make possible to record things in lots of different ways and view it in lots of different locations. This is a great note-taking advice and we hope to blog on it more extensively soon.

Skype – Is a great tool for instant messaging, voice calls and video chats. They have many other features and you can even call land-lines using Skype. I’ve used it many times to talk to a friend all the way in China with a lot of success.

Foxit Reader – A PDF viewer that has none of the bloat of Adobe’s Reader. I downloaded this after this I got fed up with the way Adobe was acting. Foxit lets you highlight and add notes and comments too, so that is always a plus.

IrfanView – This one is Windows specific (sorry Mac and Linux users). It is a quick and easy image editor that supports a huge variety of formats. This great for quick editing job and has many other capabilities such as creating pdf from images and creating slideshows. A real neat tool that has lots of little features.

HTML-Kit – A great code editor whether you do a little coding or a lot of coding. As described on their site, “HTML Kit is a full-featured editor for HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other text files”.

VLC Media Player – Simply put, this media player plays nearly everything. Don’t put up with other media players that choke on codecs, just use this player.

This second section is stuff we are already blogged about so check out the links to those those SfSS posts:

Browsers: SfSS post on Google Chrome & SfSS post on Firefox
– Also see related posts on cool add-ons for those browsers: Diigo, Zotero, Talon, Delicious,

Audacity – audio editor

Jing – screencasting

Hope you enjoyed this list and check out some of the new stuff (and some of the old stuff too!). Hat-tip goes to Andy Rush for this blog post idea.

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  1. kbeegleon 02 Apr 2011 at 10:09 pm

    Media Player Classic is another good media player, but for Windows only. It can play most of the video and audio files that WMP cannot.