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I’m always on the lookout for new tools to use for brainstorming or mind-mapping as they call it at  The video above gives a brief tutorial on how to use the site.


What basically does for you is what you did for yourself back in elementary school.  Remember when a teacher would assign you an essay topic and you’d have to present some sort of outline before hand?  With the little bubbles? speeds up the process.  I always found it annoying when I would have more thoughts than the little circle I drew on my piece of paper could hold, but with you can manipulate the circle to the size of your choice.  You can also change the color of the bubble to better organize your thoughts.


Another great thing about bubbl is that you can share your brainstorming with other classes.  For my Codes, Culture, and the Postmodern course we’re actually using a bubbl map right now to discuss topics while we aren’t in class (click the little “Map” tab on the website if you want to follow along).


So not only is useful for your own brainstorming, it’s great for classes to collaborate together on topics.  Print it, export it, embed it, what ever, but give it a shot regardless 🙂

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