Dec 10 2008

Let’s Be Up-front about Stuff? Okay?

In a relationship, it’s always good to get started on the right foot. So, we want you to know something really, really important about us here at SfSS.

We use Firefox.

You might as well know that about us right from the start so there are no misunderstandings.

We’d sure love it if you used Firefox too. It could provide some important common ground for us as we get to know each other.

Not sure about taking this important step? Let us help with this list:

1. Add-ons, Add-ons, Add-ons: Yep, Firefox has lots of them. An Add-on is just a small script that extends Firefox’s funcationality. You can find add-ons that do all sorts of things: inspect source code (if you’re the source code type), bookmark to (if you’re into that bookmarking thing), organize your bibliographic sources for a paper (yep, Firefox can do that with an add-on called Zotero), and so much more. Want to know more? Go check out Firefox’s add-ons page.

2. Standards: It’s important to have standards, right? I mean, our standards are what set up apart from the monkeys.  (Or is that our use of tools? Whatever.) Lucky for us, the good folks at Mozilla know all about standards, and they’ve baked them into Firefox. What that means for you, lucky user, is that you can expect Web sites to behave the way they’re supposed to! And good behavior is almost as important as standards.

3. Security: Your safety is really, really important to us. So, trust us when we say Firefox can help keep you and your data secure when you’re living online. With anti-phishing features and the new one-click site ID, you can stay on top of those risky interwebs. Plus, Firefox has got a team of thousands of security guys and gals who are constantly monitoring the security of FF. That’s like having your own personal virtual secret service. Or something. Like to see numbers to back up these big promises? Check this out:

An independent study shows that, in 2006, IE users were vulnerable to online threats 78% of the time. Firefox users? Only 2%.

4. 100% Organic: Okay. Truthfully, we’re not entirely sure what this means, but we hear organic is the way to go. And in these tough economic times, organic can be hard to find at a decent price. Guess what? Firefox is free!

Anyway, we just wanted to get this whole “What browser do you use?” question out of the way early on. It can be so awkward to find out about browser incompatibility later.

Perspective from XKCD used under CC Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

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  1. Gardneron 22 Dec 2008 at 8:31 am

    Between the phonebooth and the hungryhungryhippos (we gave Ian this toy for Christmas fifteen years ago), it’s hard to choose a favorite. Great stuff, Martha. Rock on!

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