Jan 10 2011

What about Google Docs?

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So I am new to this particular blog, but I do have to say that the idea of the blog fascinates me. I mean who doesn’t like free stuff? However I am kind of confused, because Google Docs itself has yet to make an appearance. How is this possible? This tool that I use for almost everything? The reason why the idea of Google Docs appeals to me is because I can take it anywhere. I don’t need to have my computer to take notes, or save papers. (trust me, backing up papers is an excellent idea) Also what is really cool is that you can have multiple people editing one document at the same time. But lets back up a bit, and talk more about what Google Docs offers.

Basically you can create a document, presentation or spreadsheet online. All you need is a Google account, and it is free! When I go to class I take notes primarily through Google Docs because I know if something happens to my computer I won’t lose all my work. I also add friends taking the same class to the Google doc so that they too can view it, edit it, and provide ideas. This is also a nice tool in case you miss class, because the notes are easily shared. (No more copying by hand!) However the reason why Google Docs proves to be invaluable to a college student (if I haven’t done so already) is because you can back up your work. I have had a personal experience with my laptop crashing and losing a really important essay a day before it is due. Because of that, I have become OCD about backing up my work. So any source I can use to allow me to do it, I will.

However, there are some small things that bother me about Google Docs. Probably the biggest is that it doesn’t show individual pages for what you have written. It just goes on, kind of like notepad. For notes I don’t mind it as much, but for writing a paper it would bother me. There also aren’t as many editing options like in Word, however for free you can’t really complain. Besides you can’t post a full video to share in Microsoft Word! 😀

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