Nov 22 2011

Screw the masses

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This one goes out to everyone who’s ever been frustrated (or beyond frustrated) with the comments on Web Service X. Does it seem to you like everyone on YouTube has a chip on his shoulder? (I say his because let’s face it, it’s probably a 13-year-old boy or a 40-year-old man living with his mother.) Is the signal-to-noise ratio on Slashdot too low for you? Does your blood pressure spike every time you happen to glance down just beneath the article?

And has it been that way for as long as you can remember? I have two solutions for you: the pinpoint option and the scorched-earth option. (I went with the scorched-earth option.)

Like the unmanned aerial drone strikes protecting your freedom overseas (hahahahahahahaha), YouTube Comment Snob (also available for Chrome) lets you filter out comments by a number of spelling mistakes that you set, all caps, no caps, excessive punctuation, excessive capitalization and profanity. I don’t have any idea just how arbitrary this guy’s metrics are – I haven’t tested this add-on at all. Apparently (according to the greater Firefox community) this plugin is pretty okay, because it averages 4 stars out of 5 based on 78 reviews. If you try it out, please let us know by posting a – wait for it – comment. I won’t filter you out. It’d show up in my email anyway.

Next up, here’s the plugin I actually use: like a cop using pepper spray on a nonviolent group of students, CommentBlocker indiscriminately disregards everything in its path.

I'm pretty sure it was just like this.

You have two options with CommentBlocker. Allow all sites and blacklist individual ones, or the inverse: disallow all sites and whitelist certain ones. I’ve gone with the latter option and I’m now safe inside my little cocoon of NO STUPID COMMENTS.

Try em out, let us know what you think!
(I’m gonna go on record here and say there’s nothing funny about what happened at UC Davis. I think the DTLT crew summed it up best when they said that the absurdity of these memes mirror the absurdity of just how commonplace this stuff really is. The more people confronted with this image, the more outrage. The more outrage – the more change.)

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