Feb 02 2012

Making the most of Prezi: how to make yours stand out

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It seems to be a popular assignment in pretty much any class across all sorts of subjects – presentations.

I have to give at least two presentations a semester and I’ve got some nifty tips for you to try to make yours stand out (Note: a good looking presentation can take your ‘B’ to an ‘A’, trust me!).

Okay, so this will mostly be a tutorial on Prezi.  As far as I know, it’s the leading tool for presenting information in a new way (a.k.a, one that isn’t Powerpoint).

I find that a lot of my professors take a lot more interest in presentations that aren’t made with Microsoft Powerpoint.  Maybe because it breaks up the hum-drum of rectangular slides filled with text.  Maybe because they admire your courage to try something different.  I’m not sure.  But what ever the reason, it seems to work well in my favor!

You can read all about the standard features of Prezi on their homepage, but I want to talk about some of the things that I do on Prezi that are a little bit different.

Prezi comes with pre made templates for your presentation, but I like to take them a little further.  As Prezi grows in popularity, you might find yourself using the same layout as someone else in your class, which doesn’t look very good.  I like to add my own flair.

Once you’re in Prezi, choose whichever template you’d like to start with, then click Colors & Fonts, then Theme Wizard.  After you’re in, click the “Manual” tab at the bottom.

Now, I’m a big lover of of Colour Lovers to find interesting new color palates.  I recommend using this website to pick out which colors you’d like to feature in your presentation.

Next, you input the R, G, and B numbers associated with the specific color you’ve picked out.  Colour Lovers will tell you what these numbers are!  It really can’t get any easier.




Now you have a unique presentation.  It’s really that easy.


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