Feb 21 2012

A Resource for Life!

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Here at SfSS, we editors like to provide our readers with specific tools that deal with a specific problem–GIMP for image manipulation, Audacity for audio. However, we can’t always predict your needs, and that’s why sometimes it’s worthwhile to simply point you in the direction of a great big database that may! The great big database I’m talking about right now is Lifehacker.

Personally, I follow Lifehacker on Facebook (though they also have an account with Twitter), and I enjoy reading the clever tips they share daily. Not everything may apply to the average college student (you probably don’t need to know how to recover your cast iron cooking pan), but you want some tips on jazzing up your productivity level.

Tips Box

"Tips Box" from Lifehacker

Lifehacker is all about streamlining your life. “Hacking” isn’t a term near and dear to many hearts, as many of us associate it with those people who disrupt life on the Internet, who infect your computers with viruses, and so forth. However, this is a misappropriation. Hacking also means to consolidate and improve, to cut through unnecessary red tape and allow you to reach your goal (whether in programming or buying the best toothbrush) with as little wasted energy as possible.

Check it out!

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