Dec 09 2008

About SfSS

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Food @ Flickr Turns 4 Party (111 Minna)We in the division of teaching and learning technologies know it can be tough to be a student — particularly a hungry one. Alright, this site isn’t really about food or satisfying your appetite for baked goods. Nope, this site is a smorgasborg of information about free, cool technology tools that you can use to get the job of being a student done.

The idea behind this site came from the now defunct Software for Starving Students. We’re bummed that project has ended, and we wanted to make something for UMW students that would point them to all kinds of money-saving resources, particularly of the technology variety.

As this site expands, we’ve got plans to use you to make it grow. First, we’ll be debuting a feature that allows you to “Request Stuff.” Got a problem you’re trying to solve and need the perfect technology solution? Give us a holler, and we’ll see if we can point you in the right direction. We’ll also be adding a “Share Stuff” feature which will allow you to contribute ideas to the site.

So, stay tuned and start using Stuff!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Stephanie Booth

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  1. Sormamlazimon 09 Mar 2020 at 11:13 am

    Yes, we also need to learn a lot and we have a lot to learn from you. Thank you for everything. Good luck

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