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Nov 18 2011

A Little Glitch in a Giant’s World

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Glitch is a game that’s most recently captivated my attention.

Glitch Game Official LogoFor those of us who enjoy playing free, cute and inventive games with friends, Glitch succeeds at including all of the above.

You’re play a sprite existing in the imaginations of eleven giants, and its your job to run around squeezing chickens, milking butterflies and generally interact with the world. Yup, living inside the thoughts of god-giants (or giant-gods, as you please) is a strange place, but worry not–your journeys are watched over by a witty, wise rock who takes it upon itself to learn important skills for you (like Animal Kinship or Alchemy) and provide you with quests. You won’t ever get bored.

Even cooler, Glitch is a very new MMO–it debuted in September of this year–and if there’s one thing I love most, it’s watching the way a game grows. So, get in on it now while you can, and see Glitch from its inception.

Tiny Speck created Glitch (and are looking for employees, my lovely computer science and art major readers), and they are obviously sporting a fresh take on the gaming world. I, for one, will be following what they do with interest.

Why else is Glitch cool? When you go to learn skills, they work in real time and even when you’re not playing. Right now I’m learning a skill that will take about 20 hours–but that’s not 20 game hours. My rock buddy studies around the clock just for my little glitch self.  As it is, Tiny Speck’s servers can handle such a task, but I predict big things for this game (at least a devoted cult following, if nothing else), so we’ll see if they are able to keep that up.

Glitch also has a global following. Today I chatted with a player from Russia; we used online translators to transfer what we wanted to say and then copy/pasted the text into the chat room. It was a very surreal, very Internet experience.

Did I mention that you can have your own house, grown crops, and oh, right, squeeze chickens?

Go. Join. Live the glitch life.

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Nov 09 2011

Setting up a writer’s ambiance


I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to be in a certain state of mind before I can start writing.
I need quiet music, low lighting (or super bright if I’m going the pen and paper route), a comfortable chair, and no distractions.

I’ve found tools on the web that can help me with 3/4 of these things (still waiting on that comfortable chair app).

img from flickr


1. Shades (mac only)- This is a great application that I just found the other day.  Sometimes I like to have my screen really bright, but not while I’m writing.  However, I can never find that happy medium between too bright and too dark.  Shades gives you a slider that you can adjust to change the brightness of your screen.  But I think my favorite feature of this app is that you can change the tint of your screen.  Instead of dimming to a dark black color as usual, you can dim it to purple, pink, yellow, orange, any color you can think of.  I like yellow because it’s akin to writing on old parchment.

2. Spotify – Spotify is a lot like Pandora, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, but it’s kind of way better.  You can search for playlists, star songs you like, play a genre specific radio, and even make your own playlist.  I like classical music when I write and it’s super easy to find a lot of it at once.  Spotify is also very social networking based so you can share what you’re listening to on facebook.. or not.

3. WriteRoom (mac only.. although there is a windows version out there somewhere) – This is my favorite of all three of these.  WriteRoom gives you a big, giant, happy plain text screen where you can just writewritewrite.  I might have written about this before.  I don’t care.  It’s the best.  Are you one of those people who starts writing and says “Wellll I’ve written for five minutes, ooh look, a shiny open Facebook tab!”?  Because I am.  WriteRoom takes up your whole screen so you can’t explore the other things floating on your desktop.  The format reminds me of the Terminal on the mac, very clean.


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Oct 20 2011

Play In Mines



The Face of Minecraft

I feel guilty posting about a game that costs money to purchase (though there is a free version), but the hours you put into playing it will make it feel like you got a deal. Also, this isn’t a typical video game, in that it doesn’t cost $300+ for the console and $60+ for the actual game.  If you are reading this post, you can play this game. It’s available in Pocket Edition, playable on your Android, for $6.99  as well as its original format on the PC for $21.99 (Windows, Mac & Linux).  If don’t mind missing out on the fancier features, you can always play it for free in your browser!

What makes Minecraft great? Well, while the game itself is fun and frankly addictive, the community that has sprung up around the game is fun and impressive.  Even the de facto official Wiki is run by volunteers.  There are also thriving forums all over the internet full of active members who create their own mods for the game and share them with others.  You can get everything from a mini-map to new skins for your world and yourself.

However, what I feel makes Minecraft truly fun is its multi-player aspect.  There are many open servers available to the public (though care must be taken to avoid griefers and unsuitable mining mates), though I’ve found it far more rewarding to play on a  private server with friends.  In fact, my favorite place to mine is on a server that a summer class put together.

Besides, who doesn’t get a sense of satisfaction out of building something like this:

Minecraft Creation: Falling Water

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Or this:

NES Sprites

NES Sprites

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