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Dec 10 2008

Stuff We Made

It seems appropriate (ok and maybe a little self-serving) to start SfSS off with a run-down of stuff that DTLT has worked on — often with the help of other awesome colleagues at UMW.

10 ways to use UMW BlogsUMW Blogs: You must have heard of this, because, well you’re here now. In short, UMW Blogs is a WordPress (that’s a blogging application) platform that anyone at UMW can use. You may already be using it in a class. If not, check out Jim Groom’s 10 Ways to Use UMW Blogs for a run-down of what it can do. If you’re still not sure what it’s for, our best advice is TRY IT! Yep, here at SfSS we believe that the only way to understand what a technology can do for you is to get in there and muck around. When you’re done, let us (and our readers) know what you did.

curries!New Media Toolkit Digital Media Cookbook: Here in DTLT we’ve got a guy. We call him our New Media Specialist. Sometimes we also call him Andy Rush. Or ‘hey you’. Anyway, Andy’s putting together a great new resource on new media. He’ll be providing information about all kinds of media tools and techniques and how you can mix them all together to whip up tasty new digital recipes.

UMW Digital Archives: First, we have to be completely up-front and say WE did not make this by ourselves. This was a collaborative project involving lots of people from around UMW, including our stellar colleagues at the UMW Library and in University Relations. But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t list it here, because it’s just neat. If you’re interested in what UMW used to look like in the olden days, check out this archive of digital photos. You may also want to check out the smaller collection that we’ve put together at Flickr. Not sure what to do with all of this visual UMW goodness? How about finding an image that’s topically relevant to your next class presentation and popping it into PowerPoint for a title slide? Use your imagination. There’s enough cool stuff in this collection to inspire anyone.

Photo Credits:

Creative Commons License UMWBlogs photo credit: bavatuesdays

Creative Commons License Ingredients photo credit: bitmask

Creative Commons License Phonebooth photo credit: UMW Centennial

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