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Jul 30 2012

Say “Night, Night” to Long Installation Sessions with Ninite

A new computer is a popular high school graduation gift, and a great one at that! However, getting all your favorite applications and software isn’t as exciting, and can be a very time-consuming process. Luckily, Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins–two awesome people at Secure by Design, Inc–have created a way to streamline that process for us!

Click here to visit Ninite, a website with a long list of popular software that you can download in a single bundle.

Ninite Software Options

What would you like to download?

Check the software you want on your machine–Ninite (which takes suggestions of what apps to include) offers a multitude of selections in categories such as browsers, imaging, media, developer, and documents.

This is great if you are (as we hope you are) a devout user of Firefox and Chrome, because your average Windows machine, for instance, comes only with Internet Explorer. How about another free favorite of ours, the imaging app Gimp? Yup! It’s there too.

Ninite's Installer

Easy to download the bundle!

After you’ve made your selections, download the installer and treat it like a dot exe file–execute it! All the programs you want will quickly download. It’s as easy as that!

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Jan 15 2010

Fun Foto Effects

Maybe you are still thinking about the awesome winter break you had and my suggestion to create collages wasn’t enough for you. Perhaps you are feeling creative and want to spiff up some of you favorite photos. Why not try some fun photo filters? Before you complain about not having Photoshop or even the knowledge on how to create cool filters, why don’t you take a look at Rollip?

Rollip is a professional online photo effects site with 40 photo filters. Say you have a picture of NYC and you want to get artsy with your photo you can go easily go from this:

Rollip NYC Pic

to this:

Rollip NYC Effect4

Now you look like a professional photographer that knows how to change saturation and hue (insert other photography words) to create a new image, with a new feel. Rollip has an easy to use interface, it is all done online so you don’t have to worry about downloading any software to use and of course best of all it is free.

So, grab some favorite photos, try out some filters and tell your friends you worked for hours to get the right white balance…or something. Happy filtering!

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Jan 11 2010

Collages Made Easy

It is a new year and school is starting back up for starving students everywhere.

I’m sure during your winter break you took plenty of pictures of family, friends and perhaps some tropical locales you were lucky enough to visit. Now that you have all these lovely pictures I bet you are thinking about all the cool ways you can display them, right? You could spend your time printing pictures out and arranging them in a neat collage like you did back in middle school or you could head over to Photovisi and make a collage there.

Photovisi gives you lots of great template options to choose from and you can crop images inside the site too.  Best of all you don’t even have to sign-up to use their very easy to use  free tool. When you are done it creates an image perfectly sized for wallpaper on your desktop background. In a few minutes I made this:

cc licensed flickr photo shared by umwdtlt

Ok, so maybe I am not the most creative person in the world (yes that is a pizza box as the background) but, I am sure someone like you could make a collage much better than mine in no time at all. So go ahead and make that collage of you and your friends making fools of yourselves or maybe a secret collage of your celebrity crush. Also, if you happen to make a collage worth putting on everyday items you have the option personalize various products with your collage. Didn’t you always want a mug with your mug on it?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by umwdtlt

So try it out and let us know how it goes. If anything, the best part about online collages is not having to worry about getting glue all over the place or maybe that is just a personal issue…anyway happy collaging!

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Oct 26 2009

What is in a Resizing?

Since it has been awhile since we pointed out the handy work of new media specialist Andy Rush, I figured it was time again to give him props.

While it seems like a deceptively simple question, “How do you resize an image?” if you stop and think about it for a moment you will realize this is no easy matter. Sure you could bust out your MS paint and and do terrible things that new human being should ever do with it or you can take a look at a great resource list Andy blogged about.

So now that you have some tips from the new media pro himself go out and properly resize that blurry image you have on that social networking tool you use, we are tired of staring at pixelation.

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Dec 10 2008

Stuff We Made

It seems appropriate (ok and maybe a little self-serving) to start SfSS off with a run-down of stuff that DTLT has worked on — often with the help of other awesome colleagues at UMW.

10 ways to use UMW BlogsUMW Blogs: You must have heard of this, because, well you’re here now. In short, UMW Blogs is a WordPress (that’s a blogging application) platform that anyone at UMW can use. You may already be using it in a class. If not, check out Jim Groom’s 10 Ways to Use UMW Blogs for a run-down of what it can do. If you’re still not sure what it’s for, our best advice is TRY IT! Yep, here at SfSS we believe that the only way to understand what a technology can do for you is to get in there and muck around. When you’re done, let us (and our readers) know what you did.

curries!New Media Toolkit Digital Media Cookbook: Here in DTLT we’ve got a guy. We call him our New Media Specialist. Sometimes we also call him Andy Rush. Or ‘hey you’. Anyway, Andy’s putting together a great new resource on new media. He’ll be providing information about all kinds of media tools and techniques and how you can mix them all together to whip up tasty new digital recipes.

UMW Digital Archives: First, we have to be completely up-front and say WE did not make this by ourselves. This was a collaborative project involving lots of people from around UMW, including our stellar colleagues at the UMW Library and in University Relations. But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t list it here, because it’s just neat. If you’re interested in what UMW used to look like in the olden days, check out this archive of digital photos. You may also want to check out the smaller collection that we’ve put together at Flickr. Not sure what to do with all of this visual UMW goodness? How about finding an image that’s topically relevant to your next class presentation and popping it into PowerPoint for a title slide? Use your imagination. There’s enough cool stuff in this collection to inspire anyone.

Photo Credits:

Creative Commons License UMWBlogs photo credit: bavatuesdays

Creative Commons License Ingredients photo credit: bitmask

Creative Commons License Phonebooth photo credit: UMW Centennial

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