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Sep 22 2011

Audio Resources on the Web

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Over the summer, I took a variety of interesting classes.  The most interesting was a Computer Science course called Digital Storytelling.  One week of assignments had to do with creating audio narratives.  I expected these projects to be challenging, not only because I don’t think strongly in terms of sound, but also because I didn’t know of many sites on the web that offered sound bites freely available for use (see: Creative Commons).  Thankfully, my professors had taken it upon themselves to solve this problem for us and compile a useful list of websites.

Ear buds

Sounds by Fey Ilyas on Flickr

If you’re not taking a music course or something like Digital Storytelling where the professor is directly asking you to for some kind of audio work, you might find that a bit of audio spruces up an otherwise visual-only presentation (think PowerPoint, or a video project).  You might be surprised!

Here are the resources:

Freesound.org — A site that aims to create a “huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps,” and is all available under the Creative Commons license.

Free Music Archive — The FMA is directed by the WFMU, “the most renowned freeform radio station in America,” and was created out of the belief that the radio has always been a venue to offer free public access to new music and should continue to do so.  However, this purpose is often undermined by licenses that were not made in (and could not predict) the digital era.  Here at FMA, you will find great mp3s you can feel good about downloading.

ccMixter — This is a self-described “community music remixing site featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses.” Here you’ll find the opportunity to be endlessly creative and mingle with fellow music lovers.

Internet Archive — The Internet Archive is a fascinating place that I have yet to really explore.  The IA is attempting to create an Internet library in an age and space where sites and sounds are ephemeral.  Content that appears on a site one day may be completely different the next.  This is a great stop for more than just audio.

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Feb 13 2009

Digging the Past: Propaganda, Education, and So Much More

Since I am a history major I am always on the lookout for cool (read: nerdy) history sites.

Two of my favorite places to go for video and photos are the Internet Archive and Shorpy’s Blog, respectively. These two sites are chock-full of videos and photos from 20th Century America.

To start off, the Internet Archive. With over 150,000 “moving images” (as the I.A. so calls them) it is great place to search around and find old film clips and moving images of just about anything. For you ladies out there that are interested in becoming secretaries this video will be sure to help!

But seriously the Internet Archive is a treasure trove of video, photos, and audio. Whether you want a good laugh or need some primary sources to help you understand the past, Internet Archive is a good resource.

Next on the list is Shorpy.com. Shorpy’s Blog has hundreds of high-resolution images from the Civil War era to the 1950s. I’ve used photos for many presentations and I’ve even printed out some photos and hung them up in my room (did I mention I was a history nerd?). All of these photos can be freely used and there are images from such photographers as Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, and Mathew Brady. I can’t emphasize how high-resolution these images are, they beat anything you can find on google.

So next time try the train…err or Shorpy.com 🙂

Hope this is helpful for you history buffs and nerds out there. Great resources for free, now thats my kind of stuff.

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