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Jan 07 2009

Posters That Can Do More Than Hang on a Wall

Binder clip poster hanging

This kind of poster is nice, too.

These days, when we think about giving a presentation it’s tempting to just fire up PowerPoint, throw together a few slides, and call it a day. Well, for those of you hankering for a different way to present your stuff, we give you Glogster.

Glogster, an entirely online service, bills itself as “a revolutionary way of expressing your mood, feelings and ideas.” In a nutshell, it allows you to create an online poster, into which you can embed photos, video, and audio. The service also provides you with a bunch of stylized text containers, image widgets, photo frames, and background to deck your poster out.

All of your editing is done entirely through the Web browser, using some simple but slick toolbars. Once you’re done, you just give your poster a name and save it. If you want, you can make it private; otherwise, sharing it is as simple as giving people the URL. Glogster also has built in tools to share your posters onĀ  social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. If your poster is just composed of images and text, you can even print it out from within Glogster. (In fact, we recommend doing this or printing your poster to a PDF file so that you’ve got a copy of it. Free Web services are awesome, but you should always try and keep a copy of your stuff, just in case.)

While Glogster really imagines itself more as a service for sharing your personal lives, we think there’s a great opportunity to use it for class presentations, science posters, and other academic assignments. In fact, Glogster has recently put up a site aimed just at the educational sector. You might want to browse other students’ posters there.

As always, we think you should get in there and use Glogster to really see what it is all about. And then come back and tell us what you think.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dano

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