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Jul 30 2012

Say “Night, Night” to Long Installation Sessions with Ninite

A new computer is a popular high school graduation gift, and a great one at that! However, getting all your favorite applications and software isn’t as exciting, and can be a very time-consuming process. Luckily, Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins–two awesome people at Secure by Design, Inc–have created a way to streamline that process for us!

Click here to visit Ninite, a website with a long list of popular software that you can download in a single bundle.

Ninite Software Options

What would you like to download?

Check the software you want on your machine–Ninite (which takes suggestions of what apps to include) offers a multitude of selections in categories such as browsers, imaging, media, developer, and documents.

This is great if you are (as we hope you are) a devout user of Firefox and Chrome, because your average Windows machine, for instance, comes only with Internet Explorer. How about another free favorite of ours, the imaging app Gimp? Yup! It’s there too.

Ninite's Installer

Easy to download the bundle!

After you’ve made your selections, download the installer and treat it like a dot exe file–execute it! All the programs you want will quickly download. It’s as easy as that!

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Aug 19 2009

Help Is On The Way

Like we stated many many months ago when Stuff for Starving Students was first kicking off, we are huge fans of Firefox. One of the best features of Firefox is that ability to use add-ons to extend the functionality of your browser. We have discussed a couple of add-ons in the past, like Zotero, Delicious and Aviary. Today we present another add-on to decorate your browser – Video DownloadHelper.

Video DownloadHelper Icon
cc licensed flickr photo shared by umwdtlt

Video DownloadHelper is capable of searching a site you are on for videos and allows you to download the video off the site so that you can repurpose them in ways you need. Nothing illegal going on here (unless you choose to use the content you download illegally of course) it just gives you easier access to content that your browser is downloading anyway. Wondering how you might use this neat add-on? New Media Specialist Andy Rush has a post on embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint presentations offline using the DownloadHelper add-on.

After enabling the add-on in Firefox whenever you see the DownloadHelper icon (it looks like a molecule) light up and rotate you will know that there are videos on that site available to download. YouTube is just one of the many sites that this add-on supports. So if you find that perfect video for your next project you no longer need to worry about the internet working in your classroom that day if you have already downloaded it.

There are many more possibilities with this add-on and we are curious to know how you use it in your travels, so leave a comment!

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Jun 03 2009

Nicktoon Nostalgia

Now that school is out for most of college students the malaise of summer has begun to set in. I’m sure you are doing many productive things on Facebook and YouTube but, if you can spare a moment for a distraction I am sure you will be glad you did.

One look at Facebook and you can find many groups dedicated to love of all things 90s, including cartoons. If you spent much of the 90s like I did in front of TV and had the luxury of cable you probably spent hours watching Nickelodeon. How many obscenely long conversations have you had with friends about the merit of 90s Nicktoons versus the “garbage” they put on the air now? Do you wish you had the foresight to have taped your favorite episodes on VHS?

Then The Orange Splat is just the website you have been dreaming about for years (well maybe that is just me). The site is by no means extensive in its breadth of coverage but, it provides access to episodes that otherwise could not be found without extensively searching the intarwebs. The site is easy enough to navigate (even though it is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing) and has hours of childhood memories waiting to relived. Best of all it is free to watch all of the episodes and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

So this stuff post may not help you out in school but, go ahead and enjoy the summer (or take a break during summer classes) and indulge your inner 90s child. Sing your favorite The Beets song, (Killer Tofu?). Go around telling people “How dare you!” ala the large woman in Rocko’s Modern Life. Or ponder the great mystery of why Helga incessantly says Arnold’s name in the opening credits and even stranger why Arnold never responds.

Keep on veggin’ you starving students.

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